What is GDT Marketplace?

Dairy buying on demand.

GDT Marketplace is a flexible and convenient online platform, and a great way to access a wide range of our NZMP dairy ingredients.

This facility is open all the time, acting like a global shop front, and has been designed to complement the scale, transparency and twice-monthly schedule of the existing GDT Events platform.

Both GDT Marketplace and GDT Events have the assurance of being backed by the online dairy trading experts, Global Dairy Trade™.

Essentially, it gives you a simple way to purchase what you need and then return to running your business.

  • Dynamic purchasing opportunities so you can choose how to buy
  • Open 24/7, with an efficient and easy purchasing process
  • Purchase on your terms, when it suits you
  • A credible platform brought to you by the experts at Global Dairy Trade™