How it’s different to GDT Events

GDT Marketplace is flexible, convenient and designed to complement the scale and transparency of GDT Events.


GDT Marketplace gives you the ability to purchase a variety of products, whenever it suits you. It is ideal when you want the convenience and flexibility to buy a wide range of dairy products, at any time.

  • Tender listings give you the control to bid for the volume you want with the assurance of competitive pricing, while fixed price listings provide up-front prices and the ability to secure immediate supply
  • A wide and diverse range of Fonterra’s ingredient portfolio, from powders to proteins and specialty ingredients
  • Always open


GDT Events allows you to buy core commodity ingredients, at the same time twice a month. This is ideal when you need to regularly purchase core commodity ingredients, with assured supply, at fair market prices.

  • Matches supply and demand through an auction process to provide open and credible price discovery
  • Ensure supply of the same consistent range of core commodity ingredients
  • Provides twice monthly scheduling