How it works

A new way to buy dairy ingredients online.


First you need to register. As soon as your registration is confirmed, you can make the most of GDT Marketplace’s intuitive, easy-to-use system of searches, watchlist settings, alerts and functions. You will be able to discover all the NZMP products on offer and streamline your dairy buying process with quicker, easier access to the products you need.

There are two different ways to buy NZMP ingredients on GDT Marketplace – through fixed-price listings or tender listings. Both offer various benefits for buyers of NZMP products.


Fixed-price listings give you the flexibility to purchase the volume you want, and the convenience to make purchases when you want. This is an immediate and transparent way to purchase dairy, with a buy-now option, up-front price and the ability to secure immediate supply. The price is set by the seller, and the product is available on demand. Volumes are visible for anyone to see, while prices are available for all approved bidders.


Tender listings give you the control to bid for the volume you want, with the assurance of competitive pricing. This is a private and simple way to buy dairy – you can bid for the volume you want at the price you are willing to pay, without having to second-guess the competition. The final price is set by customer bids – wherever possible all bids over the price and volume range pay the same, lowest price. You can also place multiple bids that reflect your demand at different price points. The available volume is visible to all bidders but the reserve price is hidden, and only winning bidders can see their final results.