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If you’d like more information about GDT Marketplace see our Q&A below, visit the website or

  • What is GDT Marketplace?

    GDT Marketplace is ‘dairy buying on demand’. It is an always-on global shop front for accessing dairy ingredients. It has been built and designed by the experts at Global Dairy Trade™ and allows you to search, evaluate and buy dairy ingredients as listings become available. Fonterra has chosen to use the platform to extend its current online channel offering.

  • Why has Fonterra Global Ingredients decided to launch NZMP ingredients on GDT Marketplace?

    Fonterra Global Ingredients began its online service offering with the launch of dairy ingredients on the Global Dairy Trade auction in 2008. This channel is a great way to access volumes of undifferentiated commodity ingredients.

    GDT Marketplace provides Fonterra customers with another way to buy NZMP ingredients, meeting the growing demand for online business to business offerings. It gives you a simple way to purchase what you need, on your terms and when it suits you.

  • What products can customers buy?

    Fonterra will offer a wider range of NZMP products including core ingredients such as milk powders and butter, as well as quality proteins and specialty solutions for advanced nutrition. As GDT Marketplace matures, we will be offering an increasingly wide range of our ingredients, ensuring we continue to meet your business needs. Currently product specifications already sold on GDT Events will not be offered on GDT Marketplace.

  • What are the ways to buy NZMP Ingredients on GDT Marketplace?

    There are two ways to buy: through fixed price listings or tender listings. Fixed price listings are immediate and transparent, giving you the flexibility to buy the volume you want and the convenience to make purchases when you want. Tender listings give you the control to bid for the volume you want at the price you are willing to pay.

  • How do I decide whether to buy on GDT Events or GDT Marketplace?

    GDT Marketplace is ideal when you want the convenience and flexibility to buy a wide range of dairy products at any time. GDT Events is ideal when you need to regularly buy core commodity ingredients with assured supply at a fair market price. GDT Events continues to be the primary online platform for buying commodity ingredients.

  • How do I sign up for GDT Marketplace?

    You can register here . You will receive a confirmation from Global Dairy Trade when registration is approved. Once NZMP ingredient listings are available, approval will be provided to customers on specific product listings. Approval will be determined by a range of factors including credit assessments and market suitability.

  • Will product specifications be available online?

    Yes – product specifications will be included on each of the listings.

  • When will NZMP ingredients be available on GDT Marketplace?

    A small selection of new season (2016/2017) production of NZMP Ingredients is scheduled for availability on GDT Marketplace from late June. Listings will be raised and closed taking into consideration the market trading windows and the execution of orders. While listings are open, you can buy at your convenience.

  • Does GDT Marketplace have a dedicated help desk?

    Global Dairy Trade has dedicated email support for any questions about how GDT Marketplace works at You will receive an acknowledgement of your query immediately and Fonterra commits to providing a response back to you within 1 working day (NZ time). Outside of NZ hours and if your query is urgent please contact your Fonterra Account Manager or Sales Operations Executive.

For more information, contact your Fonterra Account Manager.